Frank Goya Visits DBS

Frank Goya was the featured demonstrator at our April 2014 meeting.  Frank created a saikei during the evening that was up to his typical excellence.

Frank cleans the roots
First Frank and his assistant, Robert King, DBS member and a student of his at the Marina Bonsai Club, removed the extra soil from the three nana junipers that Frank had grown and styled.

Frank arranges the rocks followed by the trees
Next he arranged the rocks followed by the trees and the small ferns and flowering plants.

Frank with his completed saikei and a second one that he donated to the club.
Frank then talked about his completed saikei and the second one that he donated to the club.

Frank created a beautiful saikei that showed his skills in this wonderful living artform.

Thank you Frank.  We look forward to seeing you at the club again and again.

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Which one looks better to you?

I have created two different looks to the Gallery.  Descanso Annual Show 2011 uses a framed image of each picture and Descanso Annual Show 2010 is more plain.  Each one features thumbnails that when clicked open a larger image that adjusts to the size of your screen.  Which do you prefer to see?  I am still looking for a slideshow plugin for the Gallery.

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The Gallery Is Shaping Up

For the moment I like this way of showing images in the Gallery.  Using the drop down menu from the main menu Gallery tab you can either go to the Gallery page and pick a link to a page with images or you can go directly to a page if you know what you are looking for.

Still looking for a better way to display images, maybe a slide show format, but haven’t found one yet.  Right now you click on an image and let it open and adjust the picture to the size of your screen.  Clicking that image gives you a bigger image to look at.

Let me know how you like it so far.

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Playing with the Gallery

I have just started to work on the Gallery.  I am trying to come up with a way to view our bonsai in a attractive presentation.

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Calendar update

Well it looks like I have the calendar working pretty well for the moment.  If you hover your mouse over an event a box opens and you can read the details.  So far, so good.

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Adding content

Well I’m trying to get the calendar to work the way I’d like to see it, but I’m only part way there.  I think I’ll take a break and go out and work on my bonsai.

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Our new site is finally active

As of today Descanso Bonsai Society’s new website is active on our new hosting service.  We have a new look and will we be improving the site over time.  For now I am just so happy to have succeeded in being able to announce the beginning of a new era for DBS.

Let me know how we can improve the new site and if you wish to submit pictures, an article or make a comment please contact Webmaster Michael Jonas email Michael.

The suitability of your submission will be subject to the judgment of the website staff and of the elected members of the DBS board.

Please be patient as we continue to populate the site with interesting and up to date content.

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